Thursday, January 31, 2013

More on the Chi O heart

 I like my selection for the accent stitch.  Six strands of silk.

I tried the velour at the top.  It seemed very heavy. 

I think this might work.


  1. Your threads are always so beautifully laid! A certain Chi O is going to love this ;)

  2. love love!!! you make me want to stitch one of these for me and my sis! it's adorable

  3. Yes what ncrichlow said! Do you use a laying tool?
    Nancy P

  4. Yes, I used my trolley needle like I always do with stranded threads. Looks a lot smoother when I do!

    P.S. A certain Chi O already saw it. I posted it on Instagram and forgot who looks at that. Mom is a dunce.

  5. Hello

    It's looking beautiful, I love the colours.