Friday, January 4, 2013

The House, the House

Worked on the shingles

More walls

Started the tree

In perspective

 I finally got to stitch yesterday.  I picked up the Thanksgiving House and worked on the walls until I needed a change.  I moved to the shingles until I needed a change.  I started the tree.  I think it is going to be fantastic.  Amy's version of the tree with this stitch has a linear grid that is the first step.  I tried it this way and I like it.  I absolutely love the way it looks and the threads are gorgeous.  Hopefully, there will be more stitching time today, but don't count on it!!


  1. That tree is going to be amazing! Out of the mind of Amy and the needle of Stephanie!

  2. Hi Steph,
    Oh, the tree is looking great. Amy always comes up with the most amazing stitches. I have to get back to working on the house.

  3. The tree, the tree! Gorgeous already!!

    1. Isn't it fabulous? One more load of laundry and then I hope to get to it!