Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue Magi by Heartstrings

Blue Magi from Heartstrings

Cape stitch

Cape stitch

Sleeve trim

This is the progress made by Thursday afternoon.  Mosaic stitch on the sleeve trim and four way stitch on the cape.

Overview at bedtime on Thursday night

Love this stitch on the cape

This is where I stopped on Thursday night.

Third step in the cape stitch 

The diagonal element of this stitch is a Kreinik.  This is Size 8 and I can hardly see it.  I think I will change to Size 12 and see if it becomes more noticeable. 
Crown stitch

Can you see it?  Alternating Mosaic

Went as far as I could on the cape Sunday night 

Started the satin stitch across the hem

How he looked when I went to bed on Sunday night

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