Thursday, May 17, 2012

KS Tennis Round and the Green Magi from Heartstrings

Sweater stitch


Wristband in encroaching gobelin  

I am trying to make this tennis boy's sweater look like a cable knit vest.  I don' t know if I am achieving that or not.  

Green Magi from Heartstrings

Head shot

Cape shot

My children gave me a gift certificate to The Needle Works for Mother's Day.  I couldn't drive over there fast enough today to buy this fellow.  I will post progress as I make it!


  1. Looks like a cabled sweater to me! Nice job. Nice kids, too, to treat Mom to another Wise Man. I can't wait to see them all finished and set out at Christmastime!

  2. It does look like a sweater and your stitching is perfect, by the way!