Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where has all the stitching time gone

Slightly lumpy sleeve stitch

I took out the stitch on the sweater.  I do agree with you all that it looks like a cable sweater, but I think the flat sheen of the Floche was bothering me.  It is a Christmas ornament after all.  Found this shiny Ribbon Floss and satin stitched the visor band and shirt sleeves.  Both look lumpy to me.  Also ran out of that thread.  UMPH!  To the next project:
Green Magi sleeve
Like the color and maybe even the stitch here , but not the thread on the light green part.  Love the satin stitching of the edging in Kreinik ribbon.  Move to something else:
I do not like this stitch, but like my thread selections.  Byzantine with smyrnas will be the next try.  Lots of stitching last evening with very little satisfaction.  I guess it was one of those nights.  Better luck tomorrow. 


  1. Steph, this is going to fun when it's all finished. I'm impressed with your patience!

  2. I'm back in town. Are you and M available for lunch this week?

    1. M is out a camp for counselor training. How about the first week of June?

  3. Steph, first week in June works for me. Any day before Thursday is good. ~ Sarah