Thursday, May 24, 2012

A little bit of progress on the Green Magi from Heartstrings

Face and cheek

Partial Hand

Tuesday night saw very little progress.  I stitched his face with four strands of floss and did his cheek.  I began the basketweave on the hand and just pooped out.
Cape close-up

Wider better view
Fortunately, I got to go The Needle Works today, Wednesday, and work on the overcape which is almost finished.  Hopefully, I will be a little more energetic this evening than last.  Maybe I will skip the drinks with dinner?! 

Below is my daughter's painting that was on display at Bass here in Austin.  She is so good with faces if I do say so myself.


  1. Yes, she is and momma must be proud (from an artist's mother to another) :) Isn't it good to see them grow? and perfect themselves? There's nothing better than that.
    Love what you're doing with the wiseman - the colors and stitches are so gorgeous. Is that Kreinik on the cuff? (partial hand photo). Love the color, rminds me of one of Kreinik's holographic threads. Well done, Steph, well done (both, on daughter and stitching)

    1. You make my day with your sweet compliments. Is your daughter a painter? It is Kreinik on the sleeve trim. It was suggested by the stitch guide. It is #3250. Simple, but effective. Will you be spending this three day weekend stitching?

  2. You and your daughter are wonderful artists! I love what she does and I love what you do! The green magi is coming along really well!

  3. You deserve it, my friend, no doubt abut it. No, my daughter is not a painter but she sketches. She loves to draw ballerinas and clothing since she was a child. She's currently attending Savannah's College of Art and Design; initially she was a Sequential Arts major but then she went for her other passion: writing; she hopes she'll combine her two passions, writing and illustration and write kids books. As for the weekend, still some gardening to do - that is my other passion - and some oranizing around the house. Next weekend my daughter comes home and I am so looking forward to it, I miss her a lot. It will be good to sit and talk, cook (not the stitcher's menu, lol) and have a good time. Some stitching, of course this weekend. I'm back with the tree with owls and I hope to make some progress on those circles.