Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ANU-Day 2

Day Two found me still bumbling around with the background, but I did start work on the border across the bottom.  The green stripes are a fill stitch.
Border across the bottom
I also managed to stitch the scarf without any mishaps.
Scarf around her neck
Trash can between Elizabeth and I that I knocked over every 10 minutes-really every 10 minutes

My dear sweet friend, Julie, remembered that I was interested in this canvas.  She brought it in to show me what Amy had done with it for her last Cooking Up a Canvas class.  You will love it
Ewe and Eye canvas with stitch guide by Amy Bunger
Barn and grass
Trees on this canvas


Can you say Happy Birthday, Stephanie?  Someone's husband better get this.  
Lastly, this handsome man came to class.  Karen stitched this 30" Nutcracker in about 90 days or so I'm told.  Incredible.  There is another in the queue for Amy to create a stitch guide for.  Can't you just see one on each side of your hearth for the holidays?


  1. Great work! It amazes me how much 'stitch' Amy can get in a small space!

    1. Ain't that the truth? I wish you could see this nutcracker in person. Wow. And Karen was so modest like it was not big deal that she had stitched this beautifully in three months. If I had done that, I would fall over dead I would be so amazed with myself.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing it in June! From the description of it, it would take me 3 years to finish it.

  3. Karen will probably have the other done by the time you get there.