Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cleaned up pics



Body of sleigh stitch 


Elf is loading those presents

This is a much better version of the previous photo along with some close-ups around the sleigh.  The stitch on the body of the sleigh is one of my favorites.  Good for curtains, ball gown skirts, and water to name a few.  I just love everything about this stocking.  I keep thinking that I will finish it every afternoon, but keep finding more to do!  Isn't that always the way?


  1. Hi Stephanie, It's Kathy Wallace from Midland, TX. We met at The Needleworks a couple of weeks ago. Your stocking is just lovely! What is the name of the sleigh stitch and the stitch you used for the snow? Your work is lovely. And your daughter is quite the artist! Thanks Kathy

    1. Hey, Kathy! The sleigh stitch is scallop bargello. The snow stitch is the diagaonal wave. The one Amy included in the stitch guide has four steps to it. I found it a little bulky and difficult to do. Kimberly at The Needle Works modified it for me to three steps...the smaller three. Hope that helps! Very nice to meet you.