Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beautiful Bunnies and other cute stitching

This Melissa Shirley two-sided bunny was just finished by Lisa.  It is magnificent.  The attention to every little detail is incredible. 

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Little tiny chick at the edge

Collar detail

Precious lace

Back of the hat and adorable beaded collar
Stitched by Lisa and finished by Kim Hollifield.    Speaking of Kim...

Boy Scout Nutcracker
 She has stitched two of these.

MCM Bunny that is no longer available

Could all this Easter stuff be any cuter ?  NO!

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  1. Hi Steph,
    Thanks for sharing. Love all the bunnies.

  2. i love all the sweetness!!!

  3. I LOVE the bunny!! What a wonderful job she did!
    Nancy P

  4. Really cute! Oh, how I miss MCM. I need to go pull out the few Easter things I stitched during the height of MCM. '-)