Saturday, February 2, 2013

First one finish, then another

Red Magi from Heartstrings
My first finish for 2013.    I proceeded immediately to my Painted Pony Heart.  
Alternating continental for white background=YUCK

Alternating continental in another thread=YUCK

Four way continental is the winner

Frogging the unwanted stitches
I can't wait to see what comes out at TNNA Market!  Have a great weekend.  See you on Monday.


  1. Congratulations! Your Magi looks great! I am loving your Chi O heart, too. What stitch is the yellow?

    1. It's Alternating Diagonal Mosaic with Cross. How's that for a mouthful?

  2. Hi Steph,
    Your Magi is beautiful. You will have your Chi O heart done in no time.

    1. Thanks! Done. Are you waiting for pictures of market stuff to come out?

  3. You may not believe this but it is 9:58 p.m. here and I just spent approx. the last 6 plus hours reading every one of your blog posts! I have loved your blog for some time and while I am sitting at home not feeling well today I decided to go back and see what I have missed.
    But ohhh no... I already have somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-100 canvases either partly stitched or to be stitched and now I want Betsy Ross! And of course nearly every Ewe & Eye canvas ever made.
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your stitching with the rest of us.
    Nancy P

    1. You are so welcome. Aren't you glad there are blogs and other internet access to info about needlepoint? When you can't stitch you can still look at it and think about it. I know I do! I hope you are feeling better today.

      P.S. Betsy Ross is pretty awesome.

  4. Your stitching and choice of stitches is just inspiring! Now that I'm retired, I'm trying to learn a variety of stitches! At least I have time to start over now if I need to!
    I would love to know where you got the Magi, and if you used a stitch guide or made one yourself.
    Keep inspiring the rest of us!