Monday, February 11, 2013

Green Magi from Heartstrings

 Here is how I spent my Saturday night.  I took out this entire part of the cape.  That took about two hours.  I might have gone faster, but I was watching Downton Abbey.

Then I marked out all the stars with my handy green Identipen.  I decided on a Hungarian stitch with a variation.  I put in all the little diamond stitches.

Diamond stitches with four strands of floss

I came back to add the long stitches with three strands of NPI silk.  Hmm....looks a little thin now that I see the photograph.

Too thin?

Howland star
I am not sure this is going to work.  I will try rescanning it.


  1. Sometimes you have to change a canvass to fit your vision! I like! What about that Downton Abbey episode last night? Did you see Robin King's comment? Priceless.

    1. Thank you. Third time is the charm. I have Season 3 of Downton Abbey and there are two more episodes on my discs. think the Brits see more than we do?

  2. Hi Steph! Glad to see someone else thinkin' "Out of the Box!" Oh no!
    What is Downtown Abbey? Sounds like something I must see!

    1. Oh, my Lord! Masterpiece Theater's lastest and greatest is Downton Abbey. Set in post WWI England is the tale of Downton Abbey, it's inhabitants, upstairs and down. The clothing, the scenery, the acting, and the storyline are all to die for. We headed toward the end of Season 3. I would recommend starting with Season 1 and going through. You will be hooked!