Monday, February 25, 2013

Summer Homes on the Pond

Friday night saw a whole lot of sky stitching.  I tried out a little stitch on the hill below.

In perspective

 Saturday saw very little stitching since I spent all day taking down my Christmas tree.  Yes!  I am one of those weirdos who won't take their Christmas stuff down.  I love it all so much.

Good-bye Victorian Carolers from Heartstrings

Good-bye ornaments from everyone

Good-bye Heartstrings Santas

See you all next year.  After all that was put away and dinner was cooked and served, I sat down again with my canvas. 

Field in front of house
 My stitch by the house.  Amy's stitch by the gold hill.   I think I need to try Amy's again tomorrow.

Dark green area at the corners
Amy suggested Staggered Leviathan here.  I don't think I like the size of the stitch.  Will sleep on it.


  1. Love the sky stitch. I can not wait to see all of these finished and framed. I'm married to mister take it down and pack it away before New Years. My Mom often left it up until the first or second week in Januray.

    1. This is the latest we have left it up! Looks so sad and empty without it. Guess we have to take it down so we can appreciate it when we see it next year.
      I chose that sky stitch out of the Stitch Landscape book.

  2. Love the colors and stitches. I am curious to see what kind of thread you use on the houses. This is looking great.

  3. Hi Steph,
    Now that you have Christmas put away you can get your Easter decorations out.
    Your summer house canvas is looking great.

    1. If I had some Easter decorations. Probably another reason the tree stayed up so long. Nothing to replace it!