Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sky Stitches

I saw a canvas on FB yesterday that made all kinds of sky stitches pop in my mind.

T-Stitch with fine metallic thread

Double crosses

Swaying Bargello

Hungarian Variation
Amy's creation

Darning stitch with overdyed thread

Random darning stitch with overdyed thread

Mosaic variation with silk and Kreinik
Swirl stitch with one strand of silk

Skip tent in fine metallic thread

Diagonal mosaic with silk and Accentuate

Diamond stitch with Kreinik #8

Diagonal mosaic with overdyed Impression and Kreinik

Two strands of silk

Basketweave with some stars over stitched in fine metallic thread

Basketweave with design element

Two strands of silk

Laid stitch

Basketweave with occasional mosaic stitch
I sa


  1. Thanks for posting these -- nice to have these all in one spot.

  2. It's pretty funny considering I wasn't even asking about the sky! But I love it. And thanks for showing all these in one place.