Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coming Home by Ewe and Eye

I started this so long ago.  I went to Memphis for the last Amy's Cooking Up a Canvas class.  Fall of 2012?  I decided to pick it up again this Father's Day Weekend.

Colonial knots for the treetop

Blackwork for the distant mountains

Stair stitch for the field(my idea)

Little trees with Colonial knots and French knots

Field of double brick(my idea)

In perspective



  1. This is a great piece and you are doing a great job! It's not even been a year yet so don't beat yourself up! I love your ideas.

  2. The colors in this piece are great. You are doing a wonderful job on it.

  3. As I was reading your blog this morning, I was wondering if you girls got your canvas with the fireworks. I think you were having it painted on a different mesh and Amy was going to write a stitch guide. I wish I had your drive to do such large canvases. It looks beautiful.

    1. Yes, we all did, but I haven't worked on it much. It's waiting it's turn!

  4. I love this canvas and what you've done! Have you thought about writing stitch guides yourself?

  5. i noticed that on your work, it looks you don't do the compinsation stitch at the same time you do the rest of the stitch. like the yard in front of the red house. is there a reason for that? maybe thats where i get myself into trouble