Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where, oh where can those canvases be?

My friend and fellow needlepointer, Jen Stone, asked where I keep all the canvases I am stitching on.  Shall we take the tour? 

Here is my office where I am supposed to conduct the business of my family.  I do, but clearly other things go on in here.   Fatty naps on important computer parts and I thumb through stitch diagrams.

Here is the storage part of my office.  The cabinet was built to house my needlepoint.  It seems to stay out of the cabinet.

Canvas in the manila envelope
 Beautiful chair in my TV Room.   My bag lady bag from The Needle Works is laying there.


Look what is inside...

Where I sit on my loveseat in the TV Room.

Another view of said loveseat
 This is the sofa in the TV Room.  You can see why I watch TV alone most of the time.

 Believe it or not, the rest of the house is very tidy.  This must be my creative genius taking over.
Here is a peek in my closet.
Pillow case covered item is another canvas
 These little gems are in a box in the gun cabinet.  Last place anyone would look for needlepoint!

Last, but not least is behind the loveseat.  Carefully stacked and awaiting their turn.

Where do you keep your canvases????


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for that! I know I can find what I am looking for.

  2. You are a brave women. I would never dare show where my needlepoint rests or the volume of the resting canvases. You have done a great job with your challenge.+

  3. You are so organized! I love the box of canvases in the gun cabinet. Of course now we know where to look. Ha! Ha!
    I'd never show a photo of my closet where I keep my needlepoint. It's too full of other things stacked here and there. It's due a good purge. Actually got started on that this week as I mailed two boxes of fabric to a friend who is a quilter. Miles to go, as they say!
    Needlepoint is kept in totes, drawers, etc. in said closet. The piece I'm currently working on is the only one out close by. Gotta stay focused! '-)
    ~ Sarah

    1. You are a better woman than me. I just can not stay focused on one piece. I love them all.

  4. :) thank goodness a woman with more canvases on the go then me, I won't feel guilty about buying the next canvas - after all I have to catch up ; p

  5. Love your organization. I need to emulate this. And my couch looks very similar to yours.

  6. It all looks perfectly organized! I've been following your blog (did you notice when I checked in while trekking in Peru in April?) and am in awe of your beautiful stitching. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No, I didn't know you were in Peru. How fun!

  7. Now I know why you get so much accomplished! You use your time wisely when you have the proper size and threads available when you have a few minutes.

    1. Always something out and ready to pick up.