Friday, June 7, 2013

Other ideas from Carolyn

 I had seen a turban stitched like this on Carolyn's FB page, Needlepointing in Your Nest.  She told me how to stitch it and I think it looks very good.  Stitched the Green Magi a brown eye.

Finished the gift

Green Magi from Heartstrings

He is complete.  I will choose a background stitch for them all when all the figures are stitched.  For now, he goes in the done pile.  I went to work on Joseph.

I like the stitch I tried.  It's from Carolyn's book called Needlepointing in Your Nest.  It's a great stitch and I tried to like it here, but no go.

Changed to the cordurory stitch that the guide called for

The difference

Cream birdhouse

I do, however, think it would look really good right here.


  1. Stephanie,

    You stitch so beautifully and I am so jealous that you have Carolyn so close by for field trips. The turban is just over the top beautiful. I really need to get back to mine, but so many gifts to finish up for Christmas. As I stitch all of these gifts, I just hope everyone appreciates the time that goes into them.

  2. Stephanie,
    The Heart Strings Nativity is stunning! Every piece is unique and looks fabulous.....I really like them. The texture and color stand out!

  3. Stephanie ,
    I am inquiring about a piece that my wife saw on Pintrest. It is a large dark red house with several sheep in the foreground. Is this available as a kit? If so, where may it be obtained?

    Thanks, in advance.

    1. It's a canvas from Ewe and Eye called The Lawnmowers. You can buy the canvas, the threads, and the instructions from I would call and ask for Amy if you are interested. Very fun to stitch!