Thursday, March 22, 2012

Petei Town Crier Day Five


Cute background
I am almost done!  I ran out of the dark blue background with about 12 stitches to go, but was rescued by a fellow Swan.  I am waiting on the hair thread and looks like I need to still do his eyes.  Be done before you know it.


  1. don't you hate it when it happens? I once ran out of thread for 5 stitches; I was out of my mind :)
    Looking great steph, I love it. Will you do the hair in bullion knots?

    1. Yes, the hair is done in bullion knots using a knitting thread. I need to go find it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Steph,
    Love it!! Beautiful stitching.
    Have a safe trip to Amy's.

  3. He's looking good, Stephanie. I had my doubts about the background colors but now that you'd stitched more of it, I love how it is turning out. It makes his outfit POP! off the canvas. I can't wait to see this finished as he is a real charmer.