Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Little Progress on Painted Pony Queen of Hearts

Side of underskirt

 Hardly any progress at all on this tiny area.  I tried criss-cross hungarian and thought it looked too much like the diamond on the overcoat.  I tried byzantine with smrynas and thought the stitch too big for the area.  I tried the double stitch and thought it was too thick.  This is a  basic mosaic with variation.  The mosaic stitch is three strands of silk and the row of stitches in between is the Neon Rays I used on the rhodes hearts in the white area.  Still not sure I am satisfied.  I hope I have time to work on it today.

Full view as of Sunday morning
When I got home from dinner last night, I was too cold and tired to stitch.  I got in bed and started looking on the internet for charms for my Helowise canvas.  I found a wonderful website called Susan Clarke Originals(  What a broad selection of buttons and charms.  Before I knew it I had $100 worth of buttons and charms in my cart!  If you are looking for little embellishments, I recommend it.


  1. Hi Steph,
    The angel is coming out great. Your work is beautiful - don't be so critical.
    Thank you for the tip on Susan Clarke Originals. I am off to investigate.

  2. Linda-Thanks for the positive remark. I hope you enjoy roaming around Susan Clarke's website. I sure did. My Visa is a little worse for the wear because of it!

  3. Steph, your images of the canvases and stitches are so clear. Wonderful photography! ~ sarah

  4. Thank you. Those are from the IPhone 4S. They now have an app that allows you to download straight from the phone to the blog. Isn't that nice?