Monday, February 13, 2012

Progress on Painted Pony Queen of Hearts

Red and white stripe
 This picture is very dark, but I think you can see where I used three strands of silk in the red and the white across the front of the dress below the collar.
Left side of the hem

Right side of the hem

I used three strands of silk to tent the white and blue stitches.  I used three strands of the red silk to satin stitch the hem of the skirt.  I used #12 Kreinik to create the border around the blue and white.

Hair and eyes
Lastly, I gave her a hairdo.  I satin stitched the hair following the painted canvas.  I used four strands of floss.  Not much time to work on her today, but got a few little odds and ends done in between chores.  I did get some beads and they were too white for the silk.  I am thinking about beading the hearts on her sleeve.  I think the Queen of Hearts would have that.


  1. She is really coming along and looks wonderful!

  2. Hi Steph,
    I love her!!! You are doing an amazing job. My LNS has her and I just might have to grab her.

  3. Thank you, lovely ladies. I think you would enjoy her. Maybe you could come up with something for that dark area on the side skirt. Hopefully, I can think of something tonight!