Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Swans met today

Melissa Shirley Angel in progress by D

Finish by Marguerite

In progress by Marguerite

Needlekeeper by Kim-Lift the grapes and there is felt to attach needle to  

Tooth Fairy pillow by Denise

Tooth pillow #2 by Denise

Donna's stocking
Close-up of the snow on Donna's stocking

Joseph's robe by Denise

Melissa Shirley's Girl Bunny by Lisa

In progress by Gretchen

Twins sleeping in progress by E

Easter House in progress by Lisa

The incredible crown by Michelle 
3-D Needlepoint House bought by Lisa 
The Swans met today at The Needle Works.  Many works in progress and one finish.  Of course, almost no Swan meeting goes by without a purchase.  Lisa got the adorable Needlepoint Store that will be 3-D when stitched and assembled.  It was a fun day.
P.S.  I am still stitching on secret project for my daughter while at The Needle Works.  Check in tomorrow for progress on the Painted  Pony Queen of Hearts.


  1. You SWANS are AMAZING stitchers!

  2. Come sit with us sometime. We'd love to have you.

  3. Beautiful projects. Still stitching away here on my Woodland Santa and making good progress. I adore that little 4th of July piece. I think I need that one. Who is the artist? Can't wait to see the Queen of Hearts. I probably need that too! ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  4. Hi Steph,
    The Swans are a group of extremely talented stitchers. Beautiful projects!

  5. Sarah-The Fourth of July figure is Melissa Shirley. You can see him on her website I hope to see pics of Woodland Santa soon. Love, Steph

  6. Thanks, Linda! You'll have to join us sometime soon.

  7. I'm becoming a fan of Marguerite's stitching, but it is great fun to see everyone's work. There's so much variety and style!

  8. Marguerite will be thrilled. She is one of the best people I know. She is a prolifice stitcher. Her husband says she settles in after dinner and stitches until midnight! I can't stay awake that long. I will let her know she has a fan!