Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Melissa Shirley's Thanksgiving House roof

Step one is outlining the shingles

Step two

Third step on shingles

Fourth step
Oh, my beautiful roof.  First step is outlining the shingles and setting up the pattern . Second and third is filling in each shingle and lastly, the gold bar.  I think they look great.    The Thanksgiving House is by Melissa Shirley and I am stitching it with a guide by Amy Bunger.

P.S.  I said this would be a cross stitch week because I would be stitching my secret Swan ornament.  NOT!  Can't step away from the house.  I is bad. 


  1. Hi Steph,
    The shingles look great. Have not gotten there yet. Have the dark green band done, one light green band and am starting the second light green band. I tend to stitch as the guide is written.

    1. Good for you. Started the shingles because I only had a little time. They are very easy and I just kept going!