Monday, April 9, 2012

Tapestry Tent Nativity Stocking

Wiseman #2

There was lot of  beading done here.  The mantle is done with three strands of silk and stitch beading across the bottom.  The collar is done with four strands of silk for the cream part.  The line between sections is continentaled and  the beading is done with black and turquoise beads.   I don't understand the turban even with Amy's wonderful diagram.  Will try again.


  1. Oh my stars, looks complicated and in such a small place! Amy has a way of doing that, but when you get it right, it is stunning! The part that is stitched is beautiful! I love that stocking and can't wait to see you stitch it!

  2. Beautiful Steph. When you figure out the turbant dont forget to post it; now curiosity is getting the best of me

  3. Good morning, lovely ladies. The turban is free form and I am not a free form type of person. I also think that Flair or the like would be a better thread. We will see. I am mad for my Thanksgiving House right now. Back to the grind.

  4. Hi Steph,
    This stocking is magnificent.
    I am also into the Thanksgivingving House. Cannot get enough of it.

    1. Same here. It pains me to have to go to the grocery store right now. Don't tell anyone here, but I am going to take the whole day off tomorrow. Lots of stitching.

  5. The beads are a lovely touch! My sympathies on the "free-form". I have a canvas from an Amy class languishing in my stash that has a reindeer to be stitched in long & short. Very difficult for me-- I like counted stitches!