Friday, April 27, 2012

One door closes, 22 more open

I stitched this cute fellow using a stitch guide by Diana Bosworth of The French Knot in Fort Worth,  Texas.  He is officially finished.  

Painted Pony Chi O Angel

Hair color
Now she looks a little more like my Chi O.  Maybe with highlights.  I will show you progress on Monday.

P.S.  The 22 refers to the size of my stash.


  1. Spectacular as usual!!!!!!!! What stitch did you use on the Town Crier's wig? Who's the Chi-O?

  2. That is knitting yarn if you can believe it. My daughter, my BFF,and most of my neighbors are Chi O's. I am surrounded!

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    I love the way the Town Crier turned out. I did order it and received it yesterday.

    I have been stitching the Greek Canvases for the girls (Kelsey's friends and our niece and nephew). All as graduation gifts last year. It's funny how the girls love having the Lee leather key rounds on their briefcases, now they are working. One of the girls has been asked twice if I will make one for them and she has told them, no, mine is a "one of a kind". They do love their Sorority life forever.


  4. I've stitched many of these little Painted Pony angels with charms, but have never seen this little Chi O. Hope to connect soon.........Sarah