Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to the beginning

This was my very first post on the blog way back in December of 2011.  This is a Rebecca Wood stocking that Amy Bunger created a stitch guide for.  It is next on the list to be finished. 

Current overview

Body of sleigh

Santa at sleigh

Elf loading sleigh

Mrs. Claus

Using Memory Thread for the antlers

Overview of the toe
Before the antlers

Great snow on roof

This is where I picked it up yesterday.  I put this guy's shoes on.

Elf shoes

His too

Trying to shoe this guy

Ornamented the tree
I didn't have a Neon Rays to match the purple ornaments.  After the ornaments are on, garland will be couched on.  I am so close!


  1. Looks great. You should have this done soon. You are starting to stitch like Palma :)

  2. What a work of art! Between Amy's direction and your execution, this is going to be an heirloom.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I am so glad you started your blog. It it one of the first things I check each morning. Keep posting

  4. Thanks for commenting with such kind words. That inspires me to keep posting. Hope you have a good weekend with lots of stitching.

  5. Steph, it looks so amazing. I really love the stitch for the snow on the ground. I see a happy dance in your future.

  6. It looks fantastic. One of these days I am going to make the time to needlepoint a stocking.

  7. Definitely stitch a stocking. What a happy dance there will be when this one is finished!

  8. Stephanie, is that flair you used as snow on the roof top? I stitch with my laying tool in hand, looks like you do to! Makes a big difference, does't it? Donnelle

    1. Yes, that is two layers of Flair. I used my hands to lay that flat. Worth the effort!

  9. Hi Steph,
    This stocking is spectacular. You are doing a wonderful job stitching it. Cannot wait to see it completed.