Monday, June 4, 2012

Melissa Shirley's Thanksgiving House

Shingles on the roof

I have had the roof for two months now and have only done 44 shingles.  198 to go plus all the other areas.
However, you can see that it is a rather large piece and some what daunting.  We all know that Stephanie is easily distracted by her new stuff .  There has been a lot of that lately.

Good news, bad news
The second kit arrived last week!  Very exciting!  Here are the four walls on stretcher bars ready to go.  Feeling overwhelmed?

Front door
I should be feeling overwhelmed, but I am excited!  I love the stitch guide and the green threads!  Green is my favorite color.  I love all the 3-D houses from Melissa Shirley, but I feel certain it was the green color of the house that made me want to start with this one.

Front door

Window detail

Side wall

Side wall

Yummy turkey

Here we go!


  1. This is truly an heirloom in the making! I look forward to seeing your progress! It will be amazing!

    1. Good morning. Thank you. Are you packing?

    2. Well, I'm not packing yet but I am getting things ready! I am Very excited!

  2. Hi Sreph,
    Have fun stitching the house today.

  3. Hello! How do I obtain the stitch guide for this fabulous piece? This is beautiful--I love the stitches and colors and the detailed pictures. Please say it's not too late and that you've got a stitch guide! Please reply and I'll contact you! Thank you sooooo much!!