Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm in trouble...

Kelly Clark's Russian Magi

Stitch guide picture

Look what came in the mail Wednesday afternoon!  A package from Amy's Golden Strand in Memphis.  Incredible.  This makes my stash an even 20.  Better finish that Pink Pear tonight so I can buy that Ewe and Eye canvas tomorrow!


  1. This is the best kind of trouble to have! Enjoy stitching him. I love Nativities and plan to settle down in the comfy chair with popcorn and watch you stitch him. But he's small, so do get that Ewe & Eye piece soon or I won't have any morning entertainment.

  2. If you start this one before you finish some of the others, I'm going to bob you. I'm here to keep you honest. Finish first before you start a new one.

  3. i'm with jane, i can't wait to watch this stitching adventure. he's beautiful!

  4. Hi Steph,
    I really enjoyed stitching the Russian Magi. Have fun stitching this piece.
    How are you doing on the house?

  5. I love to come home to comments. Especially when they are from some of my favorite people. I still have not selected a canvas from the Ewe and Eye trunk show. I have until tomorrow at 4:30 when The Needle Works closes. As far as bopping me goes, someone had best do it and get it over with. If you could see the threads and the guide, you would know that resisiting starting is futile. Linda knows what I am talking about. Let me go check my stretcher bar stash.....

  6. Hello Steph...

    We have not 'spoken' before, but I feel as though I know you!

    Your newest 'trouble' is wonderful, and I have mine ready to ship back to Amy as soon as I do some finishing touches on Mary and Joseph.

    My goal was to have the three wise men completed for this Christmas, but other stitching got in the way...what else is new!!??

    I am off to Amy's University in early September and I have fallen in love with your Sunday Morning canvas. I don't remember...did you start it in class, or see it there and ordered it to work on at home?

    I am looking for a canvas that will be challenging, but allow me to get some good stitching in while 'in class'. The last time I was there, what with visiting and shopping, all I had to show in the way of stitching were French knots...not very exciting to show and tell when I got home, and I know, not stimulating for Amy to teach!

    Love, love, love your blog.....


    1. I saw that Sunday Meeting canvas in March of 2011 when I was at Amy's. One of my classmates(who became my friend) bought it for her next Amy class. I went back to Amy's in March of 2012 and the friend brought the canvas to class to show me what Amy had done with it. I knew I had to have it. I found it on sale one day and bought it. I bought the guide and threads from Amy. LOVE IT! The most challenging piece that I have done from Amy's was Melissa Shirley's Cream Farmhouse. I will post it again tomorrow if you want to look at it. I have also done Ewe and Eye's The Lawnmowers from Amy which was a ton of fun. Both are posted here way back when, but if you can wait, I will put them up tomorrow. So nice to meet you. Come back soon!