Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday afternoon visit to The Needle Works

My bathroom

JK.  Took this photo for my decorator.  My bathroom looks nothing like this!  On to the real business at hand.   I went to The Needle Works on Saturday afternoon.  They are having an Ewe and Eye trunk show through June 15 or so.  This is all that is left after Carol Eix was there:


I am just kidding.  There are bunches and bunches.   These are the two that I want.   I should qualify that by saying these are the two I want the most that are at the store.  I am thinking about the yellow and green one for my Tony Minieri embellishment class and the white house because.

While I was there, Colleen pulled out all this Presencia No. 16.  It looked like a box of candy.  I bought this one for a secret project.  Colleen will have all the colors posted on her website,, soon.  I love it.   

So very very fine in more ways than one


  1. Hi Steph,
    The yellow house is a good choice for Tony. It has lots of fun areas.
    Almost down with side one of the roof. Just have to do the two gold lines on the bottom. Now for the big decision should I finish up the other side of the roof or start the walls. Hard choice.
    Off to the bead storef for a secret project.

  2. Tell me, tell me. I am good at keeping secrets.

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